We are currently an all-volunteer organization, and have many volunteer needs. Could you fill one (or part of one) of the following roles?
  • IT skills -- A laptop can be life-changing for a blind person. If you are technically competent and would be willing to help us refurbish laptops (reinstall Windows and open-source software), let us know.
  • Missions conference representatives -- Does your church hold a missions conference? Would you be willing to approach the missions committee about representing RBI there, or having us come and speak? We can provide everything you need -- display materials, photos, interesting assistive devices, and handouts.
  • Social media coordinator -- Help us develop a social media strategy and workflow to be effective on Facebook, Instagram, and Linked In (or wherever else we ought to be). Then take our stories and images, repurpose them for the various audiences, and follow-up as we receive inquiries and responses.
  • Brailler refurbishment -- We receive used Perkins Braillers in various conditions for resupply to the blind. If you are handy, mechanically-minded, and would like to do some research on how we might refurbish these, it would be a great help.
  • Data entry and researcher (schools for the blind) -- A current, worldwide, comprehensive list of schools for the blind is a really helpful resource we can provide to the blind and those who work with them. Help us convert a 66-page MS Word document of addresses into a tab-delimited format that we can import into our database. You don't need to know anything about databases -- just patiently do lots of find-and-replace and formatting. Then help us clean up and augment the list with internet checking and by responding to corrections.
  • Donor relations coordinator -- As a non-profit, we are dependent on the gifts of others, and want to be good stewards. Can you help print and mail end-of-year receipts, and/or periodically thank donors?
  • Research and data entry person (Bible storying) -- Help us discover Bible stories, testimonies, and worship songs in many of the world's languages that are already available on the web, then add them to our database, so that workers can quickly discover them, create playlists, and load them onto audio players.
  • Non-English translation and follow-up -- If you are conversant in a language other than English, and you'd be willing to let us call on you for translation help, contact follow-up, and content review in that language, let us know.
  • Electronic/mechanical/CAD designer -- We are always looking for technical help with our ultra-low-cost, solar-powered mp3 players. If you have a passion for design optimization, we'd love to talk with you.
  • Accounting -- We'd love to have help with the various state and federal forms we complete each year.
Or, you may look at the ministry and think, "They really need help with _____! And I'm good at that." Please let us know.

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